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  - early diagnostics and treatment of genital organs carcinoma

  - Papanicolaou test, colposcopic examination

  - genital warts treatment

  - smear test- microbiological processing of cervix

  - minimally invasive gynecological surgery (under local and intravenous anesthesia)

  - loop electrical excision procedure (a way to test and treat abnormal cell growth on the surface tissue of the cervix)

  - contraception (adolescent counseling)



  - Early diagnosis and treatment of the genital organ cancers

  - Colposcopic examinations

  - Contraception

  - Osteoporosis



  - early diagnosis and supervision of pregnancy

  - early identification of pregnancy risk factors and their prevention

  - ultrasound monitoring of pregnancy

  - cardiotocographic control examinations (CTG)



  - CVS - CTG