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New! Dr Knežević S., otolaryngologist - reviews by Read more
2013 Announcement
New! Dr Crnogorac Siniša, surgeon - Review on Thursdays or by appointment Read more
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New! Mr Tabsh, senior embriologist - semen analysis on Fridays Read more
Welcome to BIOS LAB.

In pleasant newly built setting, on time of Your appointment, with no delays, we will provide You with professional medical care and service. Our team of highly qualified and experienced medical specialists, applying modern second-to-none diagnostic methods, are enabled to make quick and accurate diagnosis, helping you to identify your medical problems. All methods and procedures are performed with the most modern medical equipment.




Early diagnostics and treatment of genital organs carcinoma, Papanicolaou and other smear tests, colposcopic examination, minimally invasive gynecological surgery (under local and intravenous anesthesia), loop electrical excision procedure (a way to test and treat abnormal cell growth on the surface tissue of the cervix)...


Prenatal genetic counseling, analising (interpretation) of ultrasound and biochemical markers for chromosomopathy and genetic disorders, prenatal screening, amniocentesis, expert ultrasound, fetal echo cardiography, controlling and monitoring of pregnancy...





Early diagnosis and supervision of pregnancy, early identification of pregnancy risk factors and their prevention, ultrasound monitoring of pregnancy, cardiotocographic control examinations (CTG)...


Treatment of marital infertility, evaluation of hormonal status, evaluation of patency of fallopian tubes (under local and intravenous anesthesia), male fertility test, postcoital test...